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Key areas of cooperation

  • Security cooperation

Participation in joint planning, training and military exercises is a significant element of cooperation. Montenegro is joining NATO Allies in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations.

  • Defence and security sector reform

Defence and security sector reforms are key elements of cooperation. A key priority is working together to establish full democratic control over the armed forces. The Allies also support the wider democratic, institutional and judicial reform process underway in Montenegro.

  • Civil emergency planning

In cooperation with Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC), Montenegro intends to take the necessary steps to establish a national early warning system, build a national crisis situation centre and develop its emergency response capabilities.

  • Science and environment

Montenegro has received grant awards for a number of cooperative projects. Projects include seismic risk-hazard reduction projects and studies into the future of regional cooperation.

Montenegro and NATO aim to increase scientific cooperation. Key cooperative areas for development could be research into counter-terrorism, the removal of dangerous chemicals, and environmental initiatives.

  • Public information

Montenegro and NATO aim to improve public access to information on the benefits of cooperation with NATO.