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Slovenia supports Montenegro in establishing a system of public services provided by helicopter operations of Ministry of Interior

From 3 to 6 December 2019, as part of the implementation of the international development cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia with Montenegro, a working group of government representatives of Montenegro, led by the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro, paid a working visit to get familiarized with the system of provision of public services provided in Slovenia in cooperation with the Helicopter Unit of the Police of Republic of Slovenia. In Montenegro, in the case of certain vital or safety-related public services such as emergency helicopter medical assistance and helicopter police operations, there is no system in place yet and the role of the Montenegrin Aviation Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro in the system that responds adequately to the needs of all residents and visitors of Montenegro in accordance with EU countries standards is not properly established.

Montenegrin delegation visited several public services providers, including Helicopter Police Unit, Police Administration Ljubljana and Operational Communication Centre, Brnik Helicopter Emergency Medical Assistance Unit, University Medical Centre Ljubljana. While observing how Slovenian system functions, Montenegrin representatives emphasized the value of the Slovenian experience, which, due to the comparable scope of needs for such public services, given the similar geographical and demographic characteristics of the two countries, the size of the country and distances, the systematic starting points from which current operations have developed and the similar challenges for developing such a system, which will be particularly useful in setting up the system in Montenegro. As part of the activities, inter-ministerial dialogue will continue with the Slovenian support in the next six months to establish a system for helicopter emergency medical assistance and helicopter police operations in Montenegro.